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Hair Styles

Braids Maintenance Tips

Stay healthy with your hair

If you are planning to braid your hair or transition to Natural hair, it is important you avoid damage to your hair by

1. Avoid excessive use of products : While you are planning to get your hair done, it is important that you avoid excessive use of hair care products. Excessive use of products makes your hair too oily and leaves it weighed down.

2. Avoid carrying your braided hair too long:  No matter how good your braids look, it is important that you do not leave it on for too long. The recommended length of time for  individual braids, Senegalese twists, and so on is between six to eight weeks. 

3. Blow Out Your Hair: Whenever you decide to take down your hair, it is recommended that you have a professional take it down, because you don't want to cut off your hair while trying to take it down. Once you take it down, make sure you blow out your hair to avoid tangling. Blowing out leaves your hair straightened , full and bouncy. 

4.Shampoo & Conditioning: It is important to shampoo and condition your hair after a long period of braids, Doing this will help remove dirt that may have attached to your hair while you had it on. Blow dry after shampoo and allow your hair to rest for a couple of days before braiding again. 

5. Avoid prolonged Wig Use: Even if you are not  braiding your hair immediately, it is important you avoid prolonged use of wigs, If you wear wigs for too long, the end result is a serious damage to your hair line.

6. Cover Your Hair Before Sleep: Before you go to bed at night, it is important that you cover your hair with hair net. This will help preserve your hair and keep it in shape, it may also keep your braids from unraveling while you are asleep. 

7. Get Professional Service: It is very important that you get the professionals. Quality hair braiding services may cost a little more, it is very important to get one. Quality hair braiding service help you spend less by helping you keep your hair in shape for much longer period of time. 

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